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Le Creuset Dutch Oven: This is my go-to pot!! I mean, for how expensive it is, it should be the best pot ever, and IT IS! I use it to make stew, risotto, pasta, rice, beans, bread, queso and so much more!. It's like an all in one magic pot that browns beautifully, like a pan, but will hold a full meal. I know it is very expensive but save up, treat yourself, or ask your rich uncle for a gift. I promise you, you will have this cookware forever. 

My go-to pans. They are non-stick, love! Easy to clean, needed! Eco-friendly, thank you! And so much more. I love the way they feel and look. Manufactured by Koch Systeme CS

Probably the #1 tool I use in my kitchen on a day to day basis. Need to zest a lemon? Microplane. Need to grate parmesan cheese? Microplane. Need to mince garlic? Microplane. Need I say anything else? Also, no, not just any grater will do.